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Anti-Fraud Guide



  • Subrata Banerjee

    Are you really guided to us about fraud whereas you are stopped withdrawal our fund. What do you think just giving some instructions about fraud that you are fair and good. Please at first you have to maintain your own mentality. If you are fair so why don't you reply customers email. I request to you please solve this problem asap. Thank You.

  • Christian Krimmel

    Yes, I also have a problem with a payout of almost 100 usdt! Broadcast made and never received any money on the holder address what's going on, for over 2 days I've been waiting for a response from customer support and no response, no response, nothing at all, bad service first. I think the site is a big scam designed to bankroll.

  • Ladynarmina

    I wrote you yesterday regarding my withdrawal problem. But there is not any response from your side. 

    the sum is in BC, approximately 1200 USD. When the problem will be solved??


  • Spurlock9976

    @Ladynarmina   sorry to hear that you are having problems also. Don't expect  to get a response from these rip off artist. Because you wont. They got me for $80. TRX withdraw.  I cant trace the transaction. Cant get a answer from anyone in the support. I suggest Writing a blog so maybe people will stop putting money in this exchange. Im going to see if i can turn them into the United trades commission hopefully get them investigated & shut down   


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